Airport Shuttle in Munich

Airport Shuttle for Munich — Easy, Convenient, and Reasonably Priced

Munich Airport or «Franz Josef Strauss Airport» is about 30 kilometres from the city centre. Depending on the passenger’s transfer location in the Bavarian capital or its immediate vicinity, it can be as far as 40 to 50 kilometres. Taking into account the distance, it is more than worthwhile to use the Munich Airport shuttle for your transfer from Munich Airport. One of the many advantages of the Munich Airport transfer service offered by us is that you, as a passenger, can easily reach the airport in a relaxed manner. With our Munich airport shuttle, you can reach exactly where you want to go in the airport without having to drag your luggage with you. Our Munich Airport shuttle offers all the facilities you would expect from a professional shuttle with a comfortable limousine and chauffeur.

Finding Your Way in Munich Airport

On the more than 3,953 acres of the airport, passengers are handled in two independent terminals. Anyone who enters the wrong terminal with their car will literally be lost. Finding your way will cost time, mileage, and be stressful. However, this won’t happen to the knowledgeable and locally experienced chauffeurs from our airport shuttle. They know their way around the airport and will drive directly to your destination before your departure or arrival. In the mean time, you can just sit back and relax in the car by listening to music of your choice or prepare for your next business meeting. After all, you are in charge and as a passenger, you will be pampered in our well-kept Sedans. Our service includes beverages and the possibility to recharge devices, such as laptop, iPhone and smartphone.

No Waiting, No Parking Fees — Totally Different to the Usual Taxi Service

At first glance, our airport shuttle service in Munich may seem expensive, but when you look again, it is the opposite on a unique level. Apart from the transfer costs themselves, no further expenses are to be paid by you. The parking fee as well as a normal taxi to Munich Airport are by no means cheap. You pay for the convenience of our shuttle service to Munich Airport. These price differences are rather peanuts compared to the advantages that you enjoy with our Munich Airport shuttle.

Personal Service, No Queuing at the Taxi Rank and No Baggage Carrying

Regardless of whether you are a woman, man, teenager, or elderly, we take care of all our passengers and their luggage before and after their flight. Our airport shuttle always includes the personal service of our chauffeur. You do not need to queue up at the airport taxi rank or stand outside the hotel entrance door, especially in bad weather conditions waiting for the next taxi. Our chauffeur will be ready and willing to help you personally so that everything goes smoothly. It is worth bearing in mind that our chauffeurs are both multilingual and communicative.

Flight delays? — No Problem, We Will Wait!

Flight delays are common these days. With our shuttle you can rest assured that your booked limousine will be waiting for you even after a significant delay at the agreed meeting point. We regularly check all arrival times at Munich Airport so we can respond accordingly.


Your flight delay will not change the agreed transfer price; because at Airport Shuttle in Munich, the customer is our king!

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